Recycle System for Environment


"Recycle Society for Environment"

It is becoming more and more important now to realize 3R(Reuse,Reduce,Recycle) to protect the world environment.
Kyoritsu can contribute, as a conprehensive environment company, to the society with accumulation of technology and know-how.
We can propose to utilize effectively wastes as a new resource by reducing treatment costs and also can offer new solution-type business to change various wastes to a value.
We, Kyoritsu, strives to further promote recycling system to a satisfaction of all concerned parties.

Masakazu Mito

1Complete tailored made system to meet specific needs of customers considering space allowed and treatment amounts.

2Thoroughgoing cost reduction by securing high quality st its own production plants.

3Complete after sales service including maintenance/ check to secure smooth 24 hours operation.

4Positive Development of Solution type business by changing waste to heigh value materials not to speak of feed-stock and fertilizer.


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